“Stirring…A rich tale of spirituality, grit, and danger.” – Kirkus Reviews

Charlie Sheldon’s new novel, Adrift — the second book in the Strong Heart series — is coming on September 21, 2018!Charlie Sheldon, Novel, Adrift


A ship fire, missing sailors, a desperate salvage effort and a young girl’s blind faith all collide one cold December in the Gulf of Alaska.

Adrift reunites readers with the characters of Strong Heart and introduces new and fascinating personalities as it expands the adventure to include the brutal North Pacific, Haida Gwaii with it’s ancient mysteries, and the epic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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When the Seattle Express goes adrift…
The Seattle Express, a 700-foot container ship bound for Seattle, is on fire in the Gulf of Alaska.

Three hundred miles away, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Larry and Louise fire up their old tug, Warhorse, and head into the open ocean to salvage the burning vessel. The money from a salvage claim might just save their business. But it’s a race against time, the elements, and the secretive, powerful Buckhorn corporation, owner of the Seattle Express, who launches its own high-speed tugs hot on Warhorse’s tail.

Onboard the crippled ship, William (whom readers of Strong Heart will remember), fears this disaster may become a dark homecoming for him on the jagged shores of Haida Gwaii, the remote islands off British Columbia, where William was born and where he now may meet his fate. After William’s lifeboat goes missing for days, William’s daughter, Myra, and friends Sarah, Tom, and Sergei form a desperate plan.

Strong Heart took readers deep into the storied wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. In Adrift, Sheldon, a veteran of the sea himself, carries the story into a beautiful, brutal frontier of ice, wind, slicing cold, roiling waves, and ancient, mystic faith.

Praise for Adrift:

I loved it! From the first page, Adrift swept me away to an adventure. Anchored in the hands of a great storyteller, the characters come alive on the pages making me care about them, the sea, the future and the past. I read every word. Get on board this truly fine novel! ~ Jane Kirkpatrick, best-selling author of All She Left Behind.


This is one compelling novel. Having spent over 40 years working on ships I can honestly say this is very well written mariners tale. It is a definite page-turner. ~ Captain Hans W. Amador, Master Mariner


Grabs hold of you on the first page and won’t let go. Sheldon writes about the temperament and power of the sea as well as anyone I’ve ever read. Adrift was a pleasure to read. ~ John Evison, best-selling author of West of Here and Lawn Boy


As a mariner who has spent a bit of time in the Bering Sea, North Pacific Ocean and Northwest Coast of North America I can tell you that Charlie Sheldon captures the essence of the hazards faced by mariners in those waters.  His time sailing on large ships provides accuracy that any mariner can envision while reading his works.  What I find most engaging is the character development and interaction.  Charlie captured not only shipboard human interaction and relationships, but those we witness in everyday life.  Adrift is a stand alone sequel to Strong Heart and a very good read.  I recommend reading Strong Heart to fully appreciate the back story. ~ Captain Steven A. Palmer, Master M/V APL Saipan


As a Merchant Seaman for 44 years, many of them in the brutal, cold Northwest waters and islands, and also a former shipmate of Charlie Sheldon, I can totally relate to this seeming true to life adventure. I’m just glad it didn’t happen to me. A stand alone sequel to Strong Heart, the story flows excitingly from character to character. It is a great, fast paced sea story from the first page to the very last. ~ Richard Sanderson, SIU Chief Steward, over 10,000 days at sea